Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Brewtopians Season Preview

The Brewtopians last year fell one win short of the World Series losing to eventual champions Cleveland in 7 games despite being without 2-time MVP Kyle Stynes and former 20 game winner Jackie Melton for the entire post-season.

1. LF Stump WasdinThe 25 year old rookie was acquired from Memphis for SP prospect Edgard Romo. Stump was one of, if not the best hitters during his last two years in AAA posting a combined .374avg and 100+ sbs. It remains a mystery to many that hes only now being brought up.

Projection .330avg .410obp 10hrs 40sbs

2. 2B Kent TitanTitan finished 5th in the MVP voting last year and still didn’t play to his full capability. Kent carried a .340+ batting average into the All-Star break before tapering off and finishing just under .300. The acquisition of Stump Wasdin will allow Titan to move down in the order and put his power to better use. He will also be moving back to 2B where he started his ML career.

Projection .315avg .375obp 35hrs 110rbi 65sbs

3. C Harry CabezaCabeza will be back behind the plate for another year and the Brewtopians leading OBP man can be counted on for another Silver Slugger season.

Projection .300avg .420obp 30hrs 120rbi

4. RF Kyle StynesMr Stynes speaks for himself : 2 ML years, 2 ML MVPs. Hell be back in RF fully recovered from nerve damage in his forearm.

Projection .330avg .400obp 55hrs 160rbis 25sbs

5. 1B/DH Noberto MartinNoberto is coming off another fine season and will be relied upon to protect Kyle Stynes.

Projection: .270avg .340obp 50hr 135rbi

6. DH Hulk Brow/ 1B Trent HernandezBrow was in the running for the batting title at the All-Star break before his well documented fatigue problems kicked in. This year it should be no bother for the Brewtopians as Hernandez, who will start the year in AAA, will be called up to take over as Brows fatigue dictates.Brow Projection: 350abs .280avg .350obp 24hrs 60rbis

Hernandez Projection: 300abs .290avg .350obp 30hrs 65rbis

7. 3B Vic SosaVic has earned the starting job through potential only. If he struggles as he did in his rookie year expect the hot corner to be taken over by Keith Sutton.

Projection: .290avg .340obp 15hr 70rbi

8. SS Daniel GoodwinDaniel struggled mightily with the bat last season but remained one of the leagues best defensive SS as he posted a .984 FPC in 144 games. When he posts offensive numbers like the ones he did in S1, hes one of the better all round SS in the game.

Projection: .260avg .310obp 20hr 75rbi

9. CF Noberto SanchezNoberto made more + plays on his own last season then the majority of the teams in the league. The gold glove winning CF is progressing with the bat and any production from him on the offensive side is a plus.
Projection: .270avg .320obp 10hr 50rbi


Vic Rodriguez:For the second straight year Vic put up Cy Young calibre numbers and dominated during the post season. With the Brewtopians added offense a breakout season is in order.
Projection: 24-10 300 innings 220k 3.10era

Bernie Fernandez:Bernie has evolved into one of the best #2s in the game and will be expected to continue his All-Star form.
Projection: 20-9 260 innings 185k 3.50era

Jackie Melton:Despite Jackie’s “Throw don’t pitch” policy he has enjoyed great success at the ML level as an effective innings eater. An excellent #3 starter by any standards.
Projection: 18-12 285 innings 200k 4.15era

Bronson Wang:Bronson has trouble lasting a full game but his consistent 5-6 innings of quality pitching will be very valuable to the Brewtopians.
Projection: 12-11 180 innings 120k 3.85era


JJ Mason and Dale Garcia:The Brewtopians have the luxury of using two guys with closers stuff to hold down the 7th and 8th innings.
Mason Projection: 100 innings 3.20era
Garcia Projection: 65 innings 3.50era

Frank Lim:2-Time All-Star Frank Lim finished 3rd last year in the Reliever of the Year voting. With Portlands offense this year he will likely be given more save opportunities.
Projection: 40/45 Saves 3.00era

The Portland team is championship calibre as is and they have the prospects and drive to go out and add a top flight starter before the trade deadline arrives. Nothing less than a World Series ring will be accepted in Portland.

Top Prospects
1. Ron Hackman
2. Trent Hernandez
3. Ramon Martin
4. Vern York
5. Slick Eyre
6. Les Truman
7. Herb Rice
8. Sarma Little
9. Neifi Renteria
10. Kane Rollins

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