Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Season 3 Chicago Capones Preview

The team essentially stays the same with a few minor changes. Mgmt is hoping the return of injury prone V. Figuereoa will be enough to win a world series. Anything less than a championship will be disappointing. 2008 prediction-100 wins.


C: E. Roberts-This rookie was a AAA all-star and will be taking over the starting job. He is above average defensively and should hit for a high average and ops.Season 2 AAA stats: .369 avg, .442 obp, .647 slg.

1B: D. Hunter-Another rookie called up from AAA (AA All star, season 1), a great hitter for both avg and power.Season 2 AAA stats: .297 avg, .333 obp, .558 slg.

2B: I. Guillen-Season 2 MVP and only 25. Enough said.Season 2 ML stats: .313 avg, .383 obp, .713 slg.

SS: D. Song-All star and Silver Slugger 2 years in a row.Season 2 ML stats: .312 avg, .370 obp, .616 slg.

3B: A. Snavely-Season 2 Silver Slugger. At '31' one of the veterans and clubhouse leaders.Season 2 ML stats: .305 avg, .367 obp, .528 slg.

OF: C. Ozuna-Splits time in LF and also backup 1B. Had a subpar season, but looking to bounce back.Season 2 ML stats: .254 avg, .339 ops, .463 slg.

OF: D. Schultz-Starting CF. 2 time All Star, 1x Gold Glove. This 33yo veteran is showing no signs of slowing down.Season 2 ML stats: .303 avg, .347 obp, .517 slg.

OF: J. Bennett-Full time starter in RF and LF. He is a consistent, steady performer.Season 2 ML stats: .291 avg, .365 obp, .435 obp.

OF: R. Cook-Part time LF/RF. He only sees action against RH or as a pinch runner. Is the best/fastest baserunner on the team.Season 2 ML stats: .305 avg, .386 obp, .335 slg.


C: C. Stockton-Defensive catcher

2B: G. Myers-New F/A backup 2B.

3B: T. Finley-Rookie
3B/SS: P. Calderon-Veteran that can play any position


Starting Rotation:

#1 D. Borland-Ace. 2 time all star that won 20 games last season.Season 2 ML stats: 20-10, 3.59 era, 1.13 whip.

#2 G. Salinas-Season 2 midseason pickup. Strong #2 pitcher. Only played 1/2 season with Chicago.Season 2 ML stats: 13-5, 3.26 era, 1.15 whip. (with Chicago)

#3 R. Medrano-Trade pickup. A former top pitcher that now can only go 6 innings. Hopefuly will offer some quality innings.Season 2 ML stats: 9-14, 5.41 era, 1.40 whip. (with Montreal)

#4 V. Figureoa-The new Rich Harden. Great when he pitches but has had 2 elbow surgeries. Dominate when healthy.Lifetime ML stats: 16-3, 3.22 era, 1.10 whip. (2 seasons)

#5 B. Sheffield-Dependable back of the rotation pitcher. Won 18 games in season 1. Missed half of season 2 with injury.Season 2 ML stats: 6-5, 4.76 era, 1.39 whip.


S. Perez-Mopup/6th Starter

N. Trammel-Long Relief A

C. Durbin-Long Relief B

E.Waters-Setup A. Closer if Shaw falters or gets injured.

L. Gurrero-Setup A.

S. Cunningham-Setup B.

S.Shaw-Closer. 2x All Star.

Baseball America Top 10 Organizational Prospects.

1. B. Monroe (AAA) has seen time in majors; #3 starter.

2. E. Guzman (AAA) future CF.

3. D. Knotts (Hi A) #3 starter, 1st Round pick.

4. M. Minor (Hi A) Big bat C, 1st Round pick.

5. B. Jennings (AAA) #3/4 Starter.

6. A. Tatis (AAA) Future Closer??

7. D. Caruso (AAA) LF that is great against RHP.

8. B. Heving (AAA) #5 pitcher that can eat up innings.

9. E. Lockwood (AAA) backup SS.

10. F. Silva (AA) #5/LR/MOP high control pitcher.

The system has alot of average to above average prospects; but no future superstars.

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