Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Atlanta Aquires Brunette,Wright comments on off season


Brunette was the Sprawl's biggest pickup this off season

The Sprawl aquired Patrick Brunette and stud leadoff hitter Rick Wight in exchange for 2B Alexander Henley(AAA), RP Juan Tavarez(AAA),SP/RP Ross Ramirez(ML),SP Davey Diaz(High A), and RP Reagan Devereaux(Low A) who was probobly the centerpiece of the deal. Toronto did not want to pay Brunette's future salary and felt they added a lot of depth to their minor league system. While the trade may be a benefit to them, it just means 2 more threats added to the world juggernaut, the Atlanta Sprawl.

GM jakaitis had time to comment on the Sprawl offseason earlier today. He said the following

mortgaged the farm to get him[Brunette], but the team is built for now. in for a penny, in for a pound... Right Wight was the guy I pursued first and I think he could score 150 runs as a vR platoon man... The guy I'll really miss going back to Toronto was Henley; he picked 2B Alexander Henley over the better looking 1B Danny Duran and I can't blame him... Brunnette came within a hairsbreadth if being dealt for New Orleans LF Jackie Wagner,
jakaitis but he wouldn't include an SP in the deal so it fell apart... There are grumblings within the syetm that Brunnette doesn't have the stuff of a top tier starter despite the fact he'll be one of the top 3-4 paid SPs in two years.... Sprawl got a Type A and a Type B in this draft to restock the farm. (already traded four players from the S1 draft)"

We should be hearing more buzz about the Sprawl soon, as they look to add a 2nd WS title to their trophy case

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