Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New York makes splash in the FA Market--comes to terms with 3 big infielders

In the past few days, NY has made a splash in the FA Market signing 3 big infielders 2B Duffy Thielman, SS Glen Lowe, and 3B Duffy Thielman

Thielman batted .269/.348/.425 in 150 games between Nashville and San Diego last season. He signed a 5 yr/55 million dollar contract with the Patriots

Maxwell has hit .275/.354/.397 in 319 games for the Pagans in the past 2 seasons. He signed a 3 yr/26.4 mil contract

Lowe hit .279/.342/.372 for the Switchmen in 234 games over the past 2 seasons. He signed for 4 years and 25 million

Patriots GM pollet070 was available for comment

he said,

"New York Patriot fans will be watching a whole new ballgame this season. While maintaining the 6th lowest payroll in all of baseball Patriots owner "The Chief" made a big splash in the FA pool this off season. The Patriots earmarked 24 million for free agents. Coming off a season were the club had a dismal team batting average of .242, "The Chief" set about getting 3 quality position players. First to sign was former Switchman SS Glen Lowe. Glen will take over the SS duties that were shared last year between Ed Helton & Adam Larue.Second to put his John Hancock on a Patriot contract was former Pagan SS Max Maxwell. Max will be handling the hot corner for the Patriots this season. This means fan favorite William Maurer will be moving to CF.The third and last FA signing for the Patriots was Duffy Thielman. This will be Duffy's 4th club in 3 seasons. Most of Duffy's playing time was at SS but he will be sliding over to 2B when he puts on a Patriot uniform. This means last years regular 2B Clint Governale will be moving to RF.Diehard Patriot fans will definately need a scorecard when they enter the ballpark this season as they will be watching a whole new ballgame."

We will see if New York's aggressive approach improves the team's record in season 3

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