Thursday, February 7, 2008

AL East Awards Favs

Boston Bulldogs

MVP: Murray Foxx, Murray is as solid as they come. 6’3 220 lbs of switch hitting power. That being said the lineup around him his rather average and it will take something unexpected for him to make a play for the MVP. 40 homers, .300 AVG/.400 OBP 115 RBI. On a more offensive minded team he could post better numbers. A long shot for the MVP.

Cy Young: Craig Walsh, solid but not spectacular. Has amazing control and does a good job of keeping the ball in the park. Beyond that he is only known for being a workhorse.
35 starts-250 innings, 16 wins 180 k’s ERA around 4.00. If the moons align…maybe.

ROY: Rocky Curtis a lot of the Bulldogs success hinges on this 22 yr old Cf’er. Nothing great with the glove and playing in Fenway CF is very important, he is however a dynamo with the bat. Look for 30 steals and 20+ homers. His average will be helped by his blazing speed and a strong eye. .320avg/ .400obp. A good shot at ROY if voters can get past his shaky defense.

Cleveland Rockstars

MVP: Hersh Hartman Long and lean Hersh Hartman, Cleveland has a very strong offense centered around their 3rd baseman. He is a strong fielder and in just his 5th season in the majors he is still getting better. Looking for 45 homers 120 rbi, .330 avg/.400 obp and maybe a gold glove. As long as the Rockstars play well he will be a front runner for the MVP.

Cy Young: Guillermo Salinas Salinas has 3 top notch pitches and solid 4th with is cut fastball. With the Rockstar offense behind him and his ability to pitch late into games he is going to get a great chance at winning many games. Look for him to get close to 20 wins in his 35+ starts/225 innings, 175k’s and a solid 3.50 ERA. He has a great chance at being nominated.

ROY: Lonny Vallarta the 5 tool rookie is going to be so good this year he may actually get close to an MVP nom. Great speed, great fielding, Amazing power and the ability to hit for average as well. Cleveland will be in contention as long as he is playing for them. .335 avg 40 homers, 20 + steals.
My personal pres-season ROY pick.

New York Empires

MVP: Yorrick Parrish I had a lot of troubling writing this one, the Empires offense is almost nill. Parrish has a fair amount of pop, but unless everyone in front of him has a great season he wont get near enough rbi’s to warrant real consideration. .265 AVG/ 350 OBP, 38 homers 100 rbi. MVP dreamer and nothing more.

Cy Young: Pat Lynch Pat is a fine pitcher in the last few seasons of his career. Without much run support behind him he may wish he retired this past off season. Good control and 2 solid pitches and the ability to get lefties and righties out equally well. 32 starts 200 innings, 12-13 wins, 140 k’s with a respectable 4.00 ERA. Maybe on another team his chances would be better.

ROY: Oswaldo Rodriguez its not all doom and gloom in the big apple. 23 yr old Rodriguez is a future All-star at 2nd base. He wont get much attention for the ROY this season but is growing into a star. Great fielder, speed baserunning and a solid bat. Look for .275 avg, 15 homers 25 steals this season. ROY long shot but a keeper for sure.

Pittsburgh Pagans

MVP: Max Maxwell more flash then bash. Maxwell is a smooth fielding consistent hitting SS. Pittsburgh doesn’t have the most explosive offense, but they are very fast and very smart. Look for Maxwell to lead that charge. .300 avg/ .380 obp, 18 homers/85 rbi, 30 steals. A true team player but not a real MVP.

Cy Young: Cristian Davis Davis is by no means a great closer, but then again Pittsburgh doesn’t have any great starters. He has a great arm that bounces back day after day and he will need it as the Pagans will be calling on him constantly this season. Look for 35 saves 70 games 100 innings 4.25 ERA, 80k’s and no real chance of winning the Cy Young. PS he is a rookie, but wont win that award either.

ROY: Reid Washington Washington is a solid 24 yr old 1st baseman who is a perfect example of a Pagan type player. Smart and dependable. He is a good fielder for 1st and a fairly avg hitter, expect .280 avg 22 homers 85 rbi. Probably not a ROY but a solid season none the less.

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