Tuesday, February 5, 2008

AL North Award Favs

Cincinnati Alektorophobiac Chickenhawks

MVP: Brian Kim this hard hitting Left Fielder carries a lot of the offensive load in Cincinnati. Is some what prone to injury but if he can stay healthy look for him to hit about .320/.400OBP with 30+ hrs and 40 doubles and drive in about 110 runs. A smart baserunner but has below average speed. A gold glove in LF is not out of the question. A long shot for MVP consideration.

Cy Young: Joseph Saitou a crafty Japanese right hander. Singed a big 4 year deal and now needs to prove he is worth all that money. 2 very good fastballs without a great 3rd pitch he will have to rely on defense to get out of innings. He is a work horse so look for 35+ starts 230+ innings, 16-18 wins, 125+k’s and ERA around 3.50. Top ten Cy Young candidate.

ROY: Nick Morgan the Rookie 2nd baseman moves to RF and to the cleanup spot after playing primarily INF positions and batting in the 3 hole during his climb to the majors. His weak arm may be better suited for LF or at best 2nd base. There is no denying his bat though. He will get lots of chances to drive in runs. Look for a solid 280 avg/.350obp, 25 homers 100 rbi and 5-8 steals. A definite ROY front runner.

Minnesota Screaming Beavers

MVP: Patsy Wynn probably the most complete 1st baseman in either league. Was acquired in a blockbuster deal this off-season to anchor the screaming beavers attack. Solid defense, great baseunning smarts, above average speed and powerful stick. .335 avg/ 400 obp, 40+ homers 125 RBI, 20 steals. Top 5 MVP hopefull.

Cy Young: Don Averill with Minnesota not yet naming a closer the position is still open. Many peg the job to go to young hard throwing Canuck Don Averill. Not to often do Closers get Cy Young attention but with a fairly average starting rotation the bullpen will get plenty of work. 65 games, 80 innings 35 saves, 90+ k’s, 2.50 ERA. Cy Young Long shot.

ROY: Tony Wright Skokie Illinois has a new favorite son. Wright slides into the 3 spot in the Beavers rotation. Has an incredible knuckle ball and a hard slider to keep batters off-balance. With the beavers offense and bullpen he could see lots of W’s. 32 Starts, 190 innings 13-15 wins, 120 k’s, ERA around 3.90-4.20. Middle of the pack for ROY.

Montreal Maroons

MVP: Bernie Cruz a solid 1st baseman with great leadership qualities. Pretty much a hitter as he is nothing special with the glove or on the bases. Should get lots of RBi with a solid lineup in front of him…40+homers, 120 rbi. 330 avg/ .410 obp. Top Ten MVP hopefull.

Cy Young: Rickey Ellis at 6’1 and 177lbs he doesn’t look like much. But he is one of the hardest hurlers in the league. An amazing slider and a splitter that he doesn’t throw enough. Tough on righties and terrific control. With run support could contend for the Pitching triple crown. 35 starts-230 innings, 20 wins 200 k’s, 3.00 ERA. Cy Young front runner.

ROY: Luis Borges tough call between Borges and 2nd baseman Harry Rivera
But with Luis incredible power he is hard to ignore. Should hit close to .300 and knock out over 35 homers. A gold glove in RF is probably in his future as well. Top 5 candidate for the ROY.

St. Louis Switchmen

MVP: Robinson Callaway Wow, the beast from the East. He posses all the tools to win a MVP. Power, Defense, AVG and speed to burn. Very disciplined and patient he is an early favorite to win the MVP. Expect 40 homers, 320 AVG 125 RBI 15 steals and maybe a Gold Glove. His name is already penciled in on my ballot.

Cy Young: Grover Sikorski another Canuck who should be in the running for an Award. Sikorski has impeccable control and fastball with great movement. His lack of a standout second pitch and his proneness to the long ball may hold him back. 35 starts- 200 innings, 16-18 wins, 3.75 era, 130 k’s and an outside look at the Cy Young.

ROY: David Martin a testament to the St. Louis pitching staff id that David Martin the hulking rookie from Springfield Mass is their number 4. Great control and serious heat. At only 22 he looks to only get MUCH better in the years to come. 32 starts 180 innings, 13-15 wins, 155 k’s 4.00 ERA. Strong ROY candidate, needs work on 3rd and 4th pitch.

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