Friday, February 1, 2008

Report: Seattle and Portland Agree on Trade

The Sanguine and the Brewtopians came together on a trade prior to spring training, and just now executed it after working out all of the particulars.

Though not a blockbuster, many in the Sanguine organization are very excited about the deal, which sends nearly ready 3B prospect Vic Sosa to Portland for starting pitcher Royce Parrott.

"We like Vic here in Seattle, but I don't foresee a situation where he gets to the majors any time soon," Seattle GM tropicana said. "It made sense to move Vic -- as a favor to him -- since he's nearly ready to go right now."

Though quick to compliment Sosa, tropicana was very obviously happy about Parrott, who should be an immediate contributor for the Sanguine.

"We knew that we needed to get something pretty valuable to us to make a deal that would send Sosa out, not only for us but for our fan base -- The obvious question they would have is, 'Why are we sending out prospects when we're trying to rebuild things?'" tropicana observed. "When the opportunity came to us, we stuck to our company line of needing starting pitching -- and in Royce I really think we got that. At the ML level, we didn't have a lot of depth in the rotation, and Royce will immediately step in and start."

Parrott threw in long relief for the Brewtopians this season, and was decidedly unimpressive, compiling a 7.59 ERA and 1.69 WHIP in 10 2/3 innings. The Sanguine, however, expect to give Parrott avery long leash in the rotation, mainly due to lack of other roptions.

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