Saturday, February 2, 2008

Matty Norton No-Hits the Bootleggers!

Detroit 4, Chicago 0

DETROIT, Michigan (AP) -- With only half the league in action, Opening Morning had no shortage of excitement, especially at spacious Comerica Park. Matty Norton threw the first ever no-hitter of the 1/2 day old Moneyball World, as the Detroit Steelheads topped the Chicago Capone Bootleggers 4-0.

The 26 year old ace was unshaken by the feat, and when asked how he felt about Moneyball's first no-no he said, "I was just happy to get my first major league hit in the 7th!" It only took Norton 93 pitches, and he was only a 6th inning walk of Davey Schultz away from the Perfect Game.

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