Sunday, January 27, 2008

Las Vegas Sun

The Flying Elvises have announced their Season 1 roster:
Catcher: Miguel Elvis Villa - a solid hitter with great eye (80) and even better contact (100). This guy simply will not be striking out.
First Base: R.J. Elvis Ransom - great eye (98) and incredible power (100) make Ransom an extremely dangerous batter.
Second Base: Neifi Elvis Laker - while he has a weak eye, Laker has solid contact, blazing speed (98) and is an excellent baserunner. He may end up the team's leadoff hitter.
Third Base: Efrain Elvis Koskie - Huge power from both corner infielders is the name of the game in Vegas. Koskie boasts a 99 power rating.
Shortstop: Bob Elvis Buckley - While not much of a hitter, Buckley has an incredible glove and should challenge for the Gold Glove Award.
Left Field: Trent Elvis Shelley - The highly prized rookie is a 5 tool player.
Center Field: Bill Elvis Towers - Towers may be one of the league's top defensive center fielders. He also has blazing (99) speed and is a solid but not spectacular hitter.
Right Field: Tony Elvis Cruz - This guy may be one of the best pure hitters in the entire league. He is a converted center fielder, which means he may be able to win a Gold Glove in right. he has speed (83), power (97), and great ratings across the board.
Backup Catcher: Randy Elvis Bradshaw - With 71/71 splits, he should be able to hold his own offensively when called on.Infielder: Morrie Elvis Sheffield - A solid hitter who can play any position except catcher or shortstop
Infielder: Vicente Elvis Silva - Very good defensively, he can play any position except catcher and hits lefties very well.
Outfielder: Houston Elvis Plesac - Plesac is a decent hitter and has fairly good speed. He is weak defensively though and will probably be limited to pinch hitting and pinch running duties.
Infielder: Dom Elvis Junge - Junge has a very good bat and can play any position other than catcher or shortstop. His position on the roster is not yet confirmed, but he is the odds on favorite for the 25th player.
Starting Pitcher: Giomar Elvis Encarnacion - While he doesn't have incredible stuff, he is a pure groundball pitcher (97 GB) and will pitch a ton of innings (100 STA).
Starting Pitcher: Peter Elvis Corbett - Corbett has great control, though a low stamina and only 3 pitches are his drawbacks.
Starting Pitcher: Sean Elvis McKnight - Sean has great stuff and is the second starter with 100 stamina. However, his control is weak which may cost him.
Starting Pitcher: Bono Elvis Dreifort - very similar to McKnight, a guy with a very high stamina and very good stuff, but will struggle with control.
Starting Pitcher: Chipper Elvis Miller - Miller has solid control, splits and stamina, but his pitches are not on par with the rest of the staff. He could end up in long relief if he struggles.
Long Relief: Del Elvis Johnson - Johnson is a solid pitcher and could see starts if Miller struggles.L
ong Relief: Hector Elvis Sanders - Sanders will struggle against lefties, but otherwise he is a solid pitcher who can give the team innings when needed.
Setup: Lewis Elvis O'Connor - Young leftie with great control and closer quality stuff.
Setup: Jesus Elvis Estrella - Another pitcher whose only drawback is a low control rating.
Setup: Steve Elvis Winn - Rookie who should pitch a fair amount of innings and has all the tools to be successful.
Setup: Jim Elvis Moore - 33 year old is the oldest player on the team and has mediocre stuff at best. Got the final bullpen spot when the Rule 5 draft failed to produce a usable pitcher.
Closer: Herbert Elvis Sherman - May be one of the best in the league, with great (99) control, solid splits, 2 great pitches, and great DUR/STA combo (94/24). he tends to give up a lot of fly balls which could hurt.

Team outlook: Offensively, this team should be among the best, with some huge power bats, great speed, and Tony Elvis Cruz to lead the way. Defensively, they should be among the best in the league, as only Efrain Elvis Koskie at third does not have Gold Glove potential. The starting pitching is good enough to keep the team in games, but it wil be up to the bats to win games. The bullpen is solid as well but not spectacular. The Flying Elvises, despite the second lowest payroll in baseball, hope to contend for a division title in their first season.

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