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Rule V Review

Rule V Review
Round 1
1.Houston-SP Peter Montgomery(Philadelphia)
Montgomery, at one time known to be one of the team's to prospects, was surprisngly not protected by the Phanatics. Officals in the organization say that they let Montgomery go because he had a negative attitude and was a cancer in the clubhouse. Anyhow, Montgomery should be a solid addition to an already improving Houston rotation. If Montgomery improves his control and gets a little more movement on his pitches he could have a solid career as a middle of the rotation starter
Chances to Stick: Lock
2.Cincinati-RP Luis Nunez(Anaheim)
Nunez was one of the more high profile names in the draft after spending the past 2 seasons in the majors with Anaheim. Nunez brings a solid Fastball,Slurve combo with a solid splitter as a 3rd pitch. Of all the rule V draftees, Nunez will likely contribute the most the season. Expect him to have a big role in Cincy's Bullpen
Chances to Stick:Lock
3.Pittsburgh-SP Matty Guerrero(Philadelphia)
Pittsburgh was estatic to get Guerrero at #3. He has great control with 4 solid pitches. He is probobly the safest pick of all the SPs in the Rule V. Guerrero has logged 5 years in the minors and at 25, he is ready to contribute. He has almost reached his peak, but should be near the top of a weak Pagans rotation this season
Chances to Stick:Lock
5.Buffalo-2B Ramiro Prieto(Toronto)
At #5 Buffalo decided to take a chance on Nicaraguan native Ramiro Prieto. Prieto brings a solid bat to the lineup, but needs a little work on defense. He has the potential to be an everyday second basemen, but could begin the year coming off the bench.
Chances to stick:Near Lock
6.Saint Louis-SS Gerald Trammell(Anaheim)
Trammell was probobly one of the more high profile players in the draft class. At one time thought to be the Blue Waves' SS of the future, Trammell's stock has lowered after struggling at short in the minors. Trammell could play either 2nd or 3rd base and may start out an a utility role with the Switchmen
chances to stick:High
8.Detroit-RP Reid Titan(Montreal)
Titan will have a good chance to earn a spot in the Steelhead bullpen. He comes with two good pitches, but some scouts question his effectiveness. He rarely gives up the longball and his velocity is below average.
Chances to stick:Depends on spring training performence and other options
UPDATE:Offered Back
9.San Diego-PH Andrew Riggs(Houston)
It is interesting that an NL team would take a player that can not play a defensive position. Riggs should be the team's top pinch hitting option of the bench and could be used as trade bait later in the season.
Chances to stick:High
10.Boston-C Les Rhodes(Anaheim)
Les Rhodes can not do with his bat, but was known to be one of the better game callers in the minors last season. Expect Rhodes to be a dependable backup for the the Bulldogs this season
Chances to Stick:High
13.Oklahoma City-C/1B/PH Butch Burnitz(Montreal)
Burnitz does not awe anyone with his power or catching ability. However, Burnitz has amazing discipline at the plate and should put up a solid OBP. Burnitz has a chance to be the most productive hitter in this draft. Oklahoma City will have to find a role for him in Spring Training.
Chances to Stick:Lock
14.Cleveland-SS Javier Pujols(Toronto)
Pujols is similar to Trammell in the sense that he has been a bust a SS. He is decent hitting the ball and could be carried as a 2B,3B,LF,RF or UTIL player.
Chances to stick:Depend on Spring Training Performence
17.Florida-SP Patsy Garcia(Montreal)
Patsy Garcia is a long shot to make the Swamp Monsters. Generally players who are not effective ine the minors do not play well in the majors. It is possible that Montreal will not accept Garcia back and allow him to play for Florida's AAA team.
Chances to Stick:Low
18.Toronto-RF Chul Chen(DET)
Chen is one of the safer picks in the draft. Chen brings solid power and plays somewhat below average D in right field. Chen should stick with the team, but his poor plate discipline should carry over from the minors
Chances to stick:High
20.New York AL-RP Tim Baker(TOR)
Yet another player to be drafted from the Argonauts. Baker is one of the more interesting picks of the draft. He comes with a knuckleball/fastball combo that has been effective in the minors. His two big problems are his velocity and GB/FB ratio. Expect him to give up a lot of Home Runs as batters should get plenty of time to see the ball. He should make a rebuilding Empires team
Chances to stick:High
21.Las Vegas- RP Wascar Izturis(Los Angeles)
LA was likely happy to get 50 grand for Izturis. One positive is that Izturis has high durability and could make a great ML mop up guy.
Chances to Stick:Expect to see him in games with a big run differencial is he makes the team
UPDATE:Offered Back
22.Anaheim-SP Morgan James(Seattle)
Morgan James has more potential then any pitcher in this draft. However, he will not have much success unless he can get the ball over the plate.
Chances to stick:Likely will be sent down at some point in the season
23.Los Angeles-3B James Ray(Texas)
Ray has already logged one major league season so he does have some experience in the big leagues. He is a no better than average defender and hitter, but can play everyday. He could see time at 3B,LF,and RF if he makes the team
Chances to stick:50/50
24.Seattle-RP Juan Borbon(Minnesota)
Borbon now 34 should be a great addition to Seattle's bullpen. One of the more expensive salaries in the draft(1.2 mil), Borbon should prove to be very useful in a weak Sanguine bullpen
Chances to stick:Lock
28.Nashville-RP Terry Hasselman(Buffalo)
Offered Back,obviousbly did not impress
29.New Orleans-CF Ozzie Parker(Minnestota)
Ozzie Parker has been a complete bust in the minors after being drafted as a 2nd rounder by Minnesota in s-4. If he makes the team, it will be in a bench role
Chances to stick:Low
30.Kansas City-SP "Give me"Victor "or Give me death" Piatt(Las Vegas)
At 42 years old Piatt is completely washed up. He provides experience, but would be of more use if he were not on the 25 man roster.
Other picks
Iago Jenkins PR(Nashville)
Signed a few days ago by Nashville Jenkins should make the Fantasticos as a pinch runner
chances to stick:high
C Seth Leary(Washington)
Leary is mediocre on both defense and offense, it will be a surprise if he makes the team
SP Javier Diaz(Philadelphia)
Diaz should stick as a LR. Great value in rd 2
3B Pedro Mondesi(Pittsburgh)
Mondesi was also a ncie value pick. He plays below average D at 3rd, but has a good enough bat to stick in the majors
SP/RP Damaso Trevino(Toronto)
Yet another Toronto player. If Trevino can somehow find the plate he could prove to be a good pickup. VERY high risk/high reward
RP Richie Hansell(Las Vegas)
Hansell is completely washed up. He will get hammered if he pitches in the majors this year. He will likely be offered back and rejected. Hansell, who had an incredible knowledge of the game, could be a good mentor in AAA
2B Dustin Stahoviak(New York NL)
Stahoviak is a solid defender that could start some games against lefties. Should make the Tennesseans as a bench player
CF Zoltan Baker(Las Vegas)
Baker should make a solid pinch runner/4th outfielder. The last pick in draft shoukd make the final roster. His competition Iago Jenkins was taken earlier in the draft by Houston.

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