Sunday, January 27, 2008

Nashville Season Preview

Nashville Tennessean fans have no idea who any of the players are on this team following the 15 trade massacre that was the team's off season. The team is now left with a strong farm system and players that GM ThaCEO thinks will succeed in their roles.


1.RF Sterling "Turtle" Roberts

Roberts should be the slowest leadoff hitter in baseball. The hope is that he will be able to get on base, so that the team's 3 and 4 hitters can knock him in when they drive the ball out of Nashville's HR hitting park.

2.LF Dude Pryce

Pryce may have the least power of any LF in the entire league,but he brings a solid line drive swing that should be able to knock Roberts over. A former CF, Pryce could bring home a gold glove as well in the corner

3 vs Righties:1B Norberto Martin

Martin brings his power stroke from Chicago to Nashville. He should be able to bat runners in, but has had problems in the past striking out. He will start against righties, but will be benched against lefties due to past struggles

3 vs Lefties 1B Miguel Alvarez

When Alvarez is not starting, he should be used as a later game pinch hitter. Alvarez is a similar hitter to Martin with a little less pop. The two will combine for a lot of home runs out of the 3 spot.

4. DH Apollo "13" Griffin

Griffin was the biggest pickup for the ML team this off season. He should hit a lot of homeruns in the 4 spot, batting a lot of runners in. Don't expect Griffin to play C, as he played miserably there is San Diego last season. That is why he was traded to the AL

5. C Daniel Percival

Percival will bring his solid bat to the five spot in the lineup. He should help with a solid batting average and could hit a home run every once and a while. Percival is also an above average defender behind the plate

6. 2B Kevin Smith

The converted CF brings an above average bat to the 6th spot in the lineup. He should get an occasional RBI, but his biggest contributions will likely be defensively

7. 3B Frank Fasano

The Tennesseans decided that Fasano would play better at 3B then SS, signing him at the end of FA. Fasano should play solid defense and will steal more bases then any other 3B on the league. Though he will start batting 7th, he may be moved up to the top of the order if Roberts and Pryce are uneffective.

8. SS Scott Martin

Martin's ETA comes earlier then expected after the Tennesseans failed to find another option in FA or the Rule V Draft. Martin's defense should be below average, but his bat will be ML ready. If Martin does not develop into a solid SS by s3, a move to 3rd base could be in his future

9. CF Heath Cassian

As one reporter said, "Cassian will be the league's best #9 hitter". Cassian brings one of the best gloves in league history. The reigning gold glove winner should have no problem cobering a shallow CF in Nashville


C Don Wade

Wade will finally stick this team after being waved by Cleveland and Chicago. His solid defense avility will make him a late inning defensive replacement. he will also occasionally start against lefties

UTIL Dustin Stahoviak

Stahoviak will see time a lot of of positions. Can play everywhere except C,SS and 3B

OF Aaronm Goldstein

Should be the team's top pinch runner. Could be the fastest jewish baseball player in league history

OF Zoltan Baker

The Rule V pick will bring solid defense at the end of games. Could win a starting spot in s2.


SP 1 Billy Frazier

Frazier should make a solid ace, but will have issues making it to the 7th inning. The key piece to the Johnstone deal, Frazier may be the only long term pitcher on the Tennessean staff.

SP 2 Curtis Crandall

Crandall was used as a closer in Salt Lake last season, but will be the #2 starter for Nashville. Some question how he will convert, but he should ultimately prosper at the beging of games.

SP 3 Miguel DeLeon

DeLeon waived his no-trade clause to pitch in Nashville. The 34 year old vet should prove to be useful in the middle of the rotation. He still has something left in him and he is motivated to show it

SP 4 Chris Keffe

This should be Keffe's last year with the team. He is motivated to pitch will in a contract year and should prove to be one of the better back of the rotation starters in the league

SP 5 Marcus Valentin

The vet returns home for his last years in the majors. The hope is that he will not embarass himself. Nashville will go with a wait and see approach on him

LR- Adam Hutchinson

A bad contract left from the former GM, Hutchinson will be used in long relief

LR-Johnnie Hodges

Hodges will be the next in line to start if someone goes down. He has all the tools to be a great pitcher, but struggles with control

LR- Flash Kinney

Another overpaid reliever. He should do a nice job eating up innings out of the pen

Su:Lenny Munoz

The 22 year old should struggle initially, but with his strong fastball-slider combo, he should be lights out in the 7th and 8th by s3

Su:Andres Gomez

The veteran RP should be the teams top setup man. He can be a two inning reliever and will be called upon in important setup situations

Cl:Dennys Kim

People tossed around the nickname K-Kim and realized they were better off calling him Mr.K. His 4-Seamer is devasting and should leave hitters walking back to the dugout empty handed

Outlook: The Tennesseans should hover around .500 this season, but with a strong cast of minor leaguers to be ready in season 3, a dynasty could be on the horizon. For now, AA games will be broadcasted throughout Nashville.

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