Wednesday, January 16, 2008

PEDs, HBDPA make for wild conclusion to off-season

(AP) CINCINNATI, OH - Major news breaking with wide-reaching impacts.

That was the feeling when the news broke that WIS-HBD will be taking its lead from Major League Baseball in a new, stronger, unified stance on performance-enhancing drugs. The reprecussions will surely be felt with this news coming on the eve of the first season in Moneyball.

With dozens of aging stars suddenly exceeding the numbers they put up in their prime, there was little outcry from owners, but a small rumbling finally gained enough steam to catch the eyes and ears of the WIS-HBD offices.

However, the one-year contracts that typically caused aging vets to consider various performance-enhancing drugs have also recently been publicly chastized by the player's union, and the players themselves are increasingly turning down the short-term security to test the FA market.

How these major changes to the landscape for 30-something players will affect GM decisions remains unclear, but with the cutthroat rules of Moneyball should provide us with a good idea of how the prevailing winds will start to blow.


jabronidan said...

We in New York will shift our development efforts to HGH, and we tell you this because even if you know, you can't anything because you can't test us. So try not to be surprised when we have 50 year olds rated 100 across the board.

hatt said...

damn! And I was planning on stockpiling the 36 yr old pitchers and starting them the first 5 or 6 seasons.

Iain said...


You and me both, dude.